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Sweets and Treats in a Healthy Diet

Most people aspire to eat healthily and fill their bodies with high-quality nourishment. But what can you do if you’ve got a sweet tooth that won’t go away? Desserts, junk food, and chips are usually some of the first things that need to go when cutting down your calories.

But don’t lose hope! According to this health and fitness blog, you can incorporate some healthy sweets into your diet if you pay close attention to your portion sizes. Here’s how you can fit treats and sweets into your balanced diet:

Opt for healthier choices

While counting calories is great for making better lifestyle choices, it’s important to make sure that they incorporate sufficient nutrients. According to experts, kids get around 25% of their daily calories through snacks, so you must ensure they’re nutritious and fun.

Go for desserts with around 100-200 calories and some essential nutrients. The label checks for nutrients such as calcium, whole grains, and fiber. Baked chips, dark chocolate candy, dried fruit, and nuts are great choices.

Make a natural dessert

Kids love dessert and can indulge in it almost every night if you make something healthy! Take help from Mother Nature and her bountiful goods by using fruits as a base for your desserts. Fruit is sweet enough by itself—you don’t need to add any extra sugar to make it appealing.

Cut up some seasonal fruits since they’re extra nutritious, and serve them with some cream at dinner time. You can also use them to top a low-fat pudding, angel food cake, or ice cream. It’s the perfect ingredient to increase your dessert’s nutritional goodness and portion size.

Modify your recipes

Create healthier versions of your favorite dessert recipes by replacing certain ingredients with healthier alternatives. You can use canola oil or apple sauce to replace half the fats or use whole-grain flour for your baked goods instead of the refined kind. You can also add nuts and dried fruits to make each portion size more nutritious and naturally sweet.

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