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Best Alcohol To Drink On A Diet

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Alcohol to drink on a diet
Bottles of alcohol and spirits at a well stocked bar

You're on a diet and loving it. You’ve already lost a few pounds. However, it’s Friday and your colleagues are all going to happy hour. You know what that means. All that hard work is going down the drain because your favorite cocktail contains at least 300 calories per serving. You’re thinking they’re “empty calories”, so it’s okay, right? Wrong!

This is one of the most misunderstood terminologies in nutrition. Empty calories simply means there are no nutrients present, but guess what is present in abundance? Sugar! And what does sugar convert to? You guessed it: Fat! The good news is that you don’t have to avoid all alcoholic beverages while dieting. Keep reading this blog to learn about the best alcohols to drink on a diet.

The truth is, liquid calories, found in alcohol, are even more dangerous than solid calories as most people don’t even think about them. After all, do you ask the bartender how many calories are in that strawberry daiquiri? No, you don't.

But effective immediately, if you’re serious about weight loss, you will start paying attention to what you drink. That means no long island iced tea, no pina colada, and definitely no strawberry daiquiri.

If you don’t want your happy hour derailing you off your weight loss diet plan or your weight loss exercise schedule, then continue reading to find the best alcohol to drink on a diet to give you some serious weight loss motivation:

Light Beer (100 Cal per serving)

Alcohol to drink on a diet
Cold glass of light beer

One of the best alcohol to drink on a diet is Light Beer. Regular beer can pack up to 300 calories per bottle, but the highest calorie count in a Light Beer is 137--and that’s Bud Light Platinum.

You can address your beer craving while reducing your alcohol calorie intake with a Light Beer. A regular light beer serving holds on average 110 calories.

Red Wine (105 Cal per serving)

Alcohol to drink on a diet
Red wine being poured into a glass

Wine is a superior tasting alcohol that accompanies dinner like no other. It looks great in a glass and benefits the heart (if consumed in the suggested serving size). In addition to its exquisite taste, a regular 5 oz glass of red wine adds only another 105 calories to your meal. A dry red wine such as Syrah or a Cabernet goes well with a weight loss diet plan as it is not only popular, but has low calories.

Champagne (85 Cal per serving)

Alcohol to drink on a diet
Chilled champagne with two glasses and fresh strawberries

And as much as wines are low in calories, champagne is even lower. A regular glass of champagne contains only 85 - 90 calories--compare that to a glass of white wine at 123 calories on average. Another benefit to drinking champagne is that the carbonation makes you feel fuller quicker than wine, which means you will tend to consume less champagne than you would white wine. With non-bubbly white wine, it is easier to reach out for a second or a third serving, ultimately putting your physical wellness off balance.

Vodka Soda (96 Cal per serving)

Glass of vodka soda on the rocks with a lime

A vodka shot can cost you 96 calories per serving. This heart-healthy alcohol is a great stress reliever and increases the blood flow circulation in your body. Add a squeeze of fresh fruit for a shot of vitamins. If vodka soda isn’t weight loss motivation, we don’t know what is.

The Bottom Line

Despite the low calories in the drinks mentioned, alcohol has no actual nutritional value. If you are on a health kick, your best bet is to avoid alcohol altogether. However, suppose alcohol is a big part of your life, or you enjoy it occasionally, in that case, this list of the best alcohol to drink on a diet is for you.

Regardless, food is the best source of calories, nutrients, and energy you need to go about your day and stay healthy. Always be cautious about the amount of alcohol you are consuming. It can have long-term effects on your liver and kidney. Always be careful when you drink!

We hope you found this list of best alcohol to drink on a diet useful. If so, leave a comment in the box below. Do share this article with your friends and family and on all your social media platforms.

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Joe Lie
Joe Lie
Aug 22, 2022

This post gives information about Best Alcohol To Drink On A Diet. One of the most confusing terms in nutrition is this one. Simply said, empty calories indicate that there are no nutrients available. But guess what is abundantly present? Sugar! What does sugar transform into, then? Fat is, well, fat! The good news is that not all alcoholic beverages must be avoided when dieting. To discover the greatest alcoholic beverages to consume while dieting, keep reading this page. I support your post. After that, I will be busy finishing report such as vertical report writing for my education. This is your great work.

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