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Turn Your Back on Back Fat With These 3 Exercises

Turn Your Back on Back Fat With These 3 Exercises

A calorie-deficit diet is the best way to lose excess fat for most people. However, some parts of your body lose fat earlier than others when consuming fewer calories than you need. Many people find that belly and back fat doesn't go away no matter what they do.

Some simple exercises can signal your body to start burning fat in your middle. Before we get into those, let's first try to understand why back fat is so hard to lose.

Why Back Fat is So Hard To Lose

Your abdomen and lower back are located at the most stable part of your body—near its center of gravity. This makes this area an ideal place for your body to store fat. Your center of gravity is the part of your body that you move the least, so storing fats here is highly efficient in terms of energy expenditure.

When you're on a calorie-deficit diet, your body uses fat from other body parts, such as your arms and legs, before it starts burning fat on your back. However, it gets progressively harder to burn far as your fat percentage decreases. So it's very difficult to get to a point where your body has to start burning your back and belly fat through diet. This is why fat in this area is often referred to as "stubborn fat."

With exercise, you can make storing energy near your abdomen and back less efficient for the body, signaling it to start burning fat in this area. Here are some exercises that will help.

Exercises to Burn Back Fat

Jogging: Your body moves up and down when you jog, so storing fat in the middle is no longer efficient for your body, and you start losing it.

Brisk Walking: Brisk walking is a well-known jogging alternative to burn back and belly fat while you're on a calorie-deficit diet.

HIIT: High-intensity interval training takes less time for the same results as jogging, but it's also more difficult.

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