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Tricks to Help You Start Working Out and Actually Stick to It

How many times have you made a New Year's resolution to hit the gym every day that didn't come to anything? You're not alone. The way exercise is taught, even on the best fitness podcasts today, is only helpful for those who already work out regularly.

At Wellness on Demand, we particularly focus on making the health and fitness journey easier for beginners. Here are three tricks to help you start working out and actually stick to it.

Take it Step By Step

Even the best health and fitness podcasts recommend routines few beginners can stick to. When you're starting, you don't have the mental or the physical capacity to exercise like a professional. This is why we recommend starting from just a few minutes of exercise and increasing the duration and the weights/reps as you go. They say "no pain, no gain," but too much pain when starting may demotivate you and ruin any chance of future gains.

Keep Learning Throughout Your Fitness Journey

The reason many people start working out is either that they recently learned the health benefits of exercise or they felt inspired by some fitness model. However, as soon as this initial boost of motivation dies out, they have little reason to keep working out. Learning throughout your fitness journey is the best way to stay motivated to work out.

You can read health and fitness blogs. A more time-efficient way is to listen to health and fitness podcasts while working out. This will not only motivate you to hit the gym every day but also help you improve your routine.

Join a Community of Others Starting Their Workout Journey

If you find someone also starting their fitness journey, this may be the most sure-fire way to stay motivated to work out. This is why at Wellness on Demand, we have a forum where subscribers can talk to others who are also starting. We also host a health and wellness podcast where we interview interesting life coaches, while our health and fitness blogs give you deep insight into advanced topics.

Want to stay motivated to work out? Check us out now!

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